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Having an honest nature, are known for diligence, dependability, strength and determination. Having great patience and a desire to make progress, Oxes can achieve their goals by consistent effort. Something that we can learn from the oxes are detailed planning, applying strong faith and strength which can propel us to a productive and prosperous 2021. For those celebrating CNY, may this new year be filled with happiness, prosperity, and many precious moments with your loved ones. Do stay vigilant and continue to practice the new safety norms at home and especially when going out in public areas.

In conjunction with this year’s Deepavali celebrations, Malaysia Airlines will be releasing a special festive video that allows us to learn and appreciate the differences and similarities of culture and traditions behind the celebrations.  The video will be made available on all social media platforms.

Meanwhile, the national carrier’s Golden Lounge celebrates Deepavali from 1 November and 14 November 2020 where guests at the Domestic Lounge will be welcomed with a unique Deepavali decor which includes a Kolam, Kurtika Lamp, Indian decorative items, and Indian spices placed around the lounge and food counter.

The special menu will serve up Roti Prata & Dhall for breakfast, Chicken Biryani Served with Fry Gobi 65, Mango Pickle, Papadam & Cucumber Raita for Lunch and Dinner accompanied by dessert Kesari, Small Ladoo and Muruku.

For Muruku, it will be served in an individual packet and will be offered to each passenger as part of the Deepavali giveaways. Our Lounge’s reception staff will wear also don traditional Indian dress on 14 November 2020.



Aviation Safety: Facing Futures Challenges together’ is the theme of this year’s MAG Safety Day 2019. This event organized by Corporate Safety Oversight (CSO) Department took place at MABA Kelana Jaya on 27th August 2019. It was officially opened by our Group CEO Captain Izham Ismail and joined by all staff from the MAG team. Special talk about safety and exhibitions from various organizations caught the attention of everyone since the topic is important to all of us. What is awesome is that AeroDarat received an award from one of MAG Board of Directors, Dr Mohamadon Abdullah for successful completion and earning the IATA Safety Audit ISAGO. Furthermore, our very own mascot CrocoD made his special debut and manage to put smiles and laughter to all participants in the event.