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About us

Corporate Governance

Commitment To Integrity And Good Governance

Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) adopts zero tolerance against fraud, bribery and corruption and is committed to conducting business in accordance to the highest levels of ethics and integrity.

Our Code Of Business Conduct

MAG recognises that corruption is a dire threat to the business growth and long-term sustainability of the organisation. Corruption and related offences undermine legitimate business operations, distort competition, tarnish reputations and cause greater exposure to risk.

Our employees are responsible to understand and adhere to the laws, regulations and Code of Business Conduct whilst performing their duties in the organisation. Integrity is a core value embedded in the working culture of MAG to ensure transparency, good governance, and compliance with both the spirit and letter of the laws.

MAG firmly prohibits all corrupt activity, which include – but is not limited to – bribery and/or trading in influence. We strictly do not allow anyone involved in our business to offer, give, ask for, accept nor receive any form of bribes, including facilitation payments.

We are committed to establish secure and transparent governance processes across our business operations to eradicate and prevent corruption when dealing with our customers and stakeholders. Our Board of Directors and Senior Management team have set the tone by sending a clear message to all that combating corruption across the organisation is one of their top priorities.

Our Anti-Corruption Programme

The MAG Anti-Bribery & Corruption Manual provides that MAG will continuously prevent corruption through the establishment of the MAG Anti-Corruption Plan (MACP). The Anti-Bribery & Corruption Manual and MACP are applicable for sister companies across the Group, as well as our business partners. The MACP’s core elements include:

  • Commitment from the top level management;
  • Conducting risk assessments;
  • Developing adequate procedures;
  • Conducting integrity due diligence of third parties;
  • Providing communication and training; and

Monitoring and reviewing our risks and processes to identify improvement areas.

The Anti-Bribery & Corruption Manual and the effectiveness of MACP are assessed and reviewed every quarter by the Board of Governance & Ethics Committee to ensure alignment with applicable laws, rules and regulations in all the countries of which MAG operates.

Anti-Corruption & Our Third Party Relations

We understand that a sustainable business relationship is built based on trust and transparency. Further to this, MAG expects our Business Partners to meet our standards and respect our values in conducting business relations.

All MAG suppliers and parties which have a contractual relationship with MAG offering products and services must adhere to our Supplier’s Code of Conduct. We seek the full support and cooperation from all our business partners to observe and fully adhere to our MAG Anti-Corruption Plan.

Anti-Corruption & Our Third Party Relations

The Board of Directors and Senior Management team of MAG believe that everyone in the organisation and any other person associated with us has an equally important role in contributing to and supporting the Company to achieve its corporate vision and mission.

Being part of the MAG family, we are concerned about the harmful effect of breaches to our Business Philosophy and Principles that prevent MAG from achieving its overall corporate vision, mission and objectives and the resulting damage done to MAG’s reputation and brand.

The MAG Whistleblowing Policy applies to all individuals working at all levels and grades, including Members of the Board of Directors, Senior Management, Managers, Executives and Non-Executives (whether permanent, fixed-term or temporary) comprising trainees, seconded staff, home workers, casual workers, volunteers and interns under the employment of the Company, as well as agents, agency staff, consultants, vendors, independent contractors and suppliers of goods and services and any other person associated with us, wherever located.

The Board of Directors and Senior Management team have given their assurance that any individual will not be at risk to any form of victimisation, retribution, or retaliation from MAG, or any of its Management when they raise their concern under this integrity hotline, provided it is reported in good faith.

Your concerns and identity will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. We will ensure that your name or position will not be revealed without your permission unless we have to do so by law.

To raise any report or concern, you may use either whistleblowing channels below:

Toll free number available 24 hours in any countries: 1-800-81-7270

Secured online platform (for Malaysian based): www.malaysiaairlines.ethicspoint.com; choose “File a New Report”