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Congratulations to all AeroDarat’s Anugerah WOW Award Winners

June 4, 2021 News

Dear All,

Heartiest congratulations and well done to all AeroDarat’s Anugerah WOW Award Winners! As the saying goes, “Difficult times often bring out the best in people” and your win is a manifestation of striving for the best regardless of the situation. You have been an inspiration for the rest to follow in your footsteps and the changemakers for a better tomorrow. We are proud of you and we hope everyone will keep up the momentum.

It is an icing on the cake by taking home the Best Video Performance award too. Thank you to the Changemaker ambassadors for the footage contributions from Baggage Office (MLO), Foreign Carrier Department, Golden Lounge, GSE and DOM Stations and last but not least, our in-house “Creative Director cum Producer”, Khairi Ngadiran who assembled the footages into an amazing video.

For the rest of nominations submitted to Anugerah WOW, you did us proud by bringing to light the various achievements in AeroDarat and the extraordinary people we have in the organization. The participation itself was certainly significance and a recognition in its own. And to all AeroDarat staff, nominated or not, you have indeed played an important role for all the achievements,  directly and indirectly. You have contributed in your own ways and sincerely performing the duties and serving our customers to your level best. Keep on the magnificent efforts and teamwork.

Once again, congratulations to all!

Thank you.

Mohd. Nadziruddin Mohd. Basri