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AeroDarat Services is delighted to welcome Guangzhou-based airline, China Central Longhao Airlines (GI) into Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Together with MAB Kargo, our sister company in-charges of cargo handling, we are appointed as GI’s official ground handler at KUL effective 1st September 2021.

The airline inaugural flight, GI4219 SZX/KUL was safely touched down on 24th September 2021 at 1510LT. It operates three times weekly on B738F aircraft. The cargo airline has its network spanning over China, Europe, America and Southeast Asia, with KUL as its latest destination in the region.

This new addition into our list of clienteles further solidifies the confidence of our customers have towards our service offerings. We remain committed to provide the services that fulfil the airline needs, meet global standard and comply to the international regulations.

A warm welcome once again to China Central Longhao Airlines and we wish this would be the beginning of a successful long-term business partnership between us.


Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera.

The establishment of Federation of Malaysia on 16th September 1963 had brought together the proud nation that we live in today. Since then, Malaysia forges ahead in becoming a united, prosperous and harmonious country with people from all walks of life being the backbone to its continuing success and existence.

Similarly, AeroDarat’s achievement has always relied on the synergy of its 20 stations in Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak. The combined effort of over 2,200-strong workforce from diverse backgrounds and cultures proves to be highly effective in delivering operational excellence and great customer experience. The diversity draws on full range of skills, competencies and local touch which bring to the table broader perspectives and ideas.

It is also heartening to see the increasingly stronger collaboration between all sister companies across Malaysia Aviation Group by virtue of mutual understanding, synchronization of processes and knowledge sharing which creates a conducive ecosystem for innovative solution of product, service and capability that goes beyond organizational boundaries.

It is therefore pertinent for each of us to maintain the values that bind us together, regardless of where we come from. It is also important to highlight the fact that at some point in time, there will be setback and challenges, but we must never lose sight of our shared purpose. We must persevere in trial and stay united. Only then we can turn turmoil into triumph and emerge stronger as we march on.

Happy 58th Malaysia Day to all of you. Let us fill this day with gratitude, peace and joy. Be safe and stay healthy.

Thank you.

Mohd Nadziruddin Mohd Basri


Dear Colleagues,

I hope everyone is doing well and in the best of health. I wish to take this opportunity to share with you some developments we have in AeroDarat Services (ADS).

ADS had recently completed the ISAGO Audit for Headquarters Accreditation Desktop Renewal on 3rd September 2021 with only one finding and zero observations out of 299 Ground Operations Standard and Recommended Practices (GOSRAPs). This is a highly commendable outcome and demonstrates our commitment to be a preferred ground handler by continuously improving systems and processes that meet global standards. I wish to thank the team involved for their dedication that led to this achievement and I would also like to place on record our appreciation to all the teams from across MAG for their support to ADS in preparation for the audit.

To keep the staff abreast of the current business affairs of the organization, ADS organized the second edition of its townhall session for the year on 25th August 2021. Streaming live via Microsoft Teams Live Event, the session was attended by over 600 staff both at KUL and Domestic stations all over Malaysia. With the emphasis upon LTBP 2.0, ADS has an important role set forth to effectively support the strategic pillars among others, by building a highly productive organization through its workforce, providing the best customer experience, ensuring safety compliance, supporting digitalization efforts and achieving sustainability goals.

In conjunction with the townhall session, the inaugural announcement of the OHSEM Award winners took place with pomp and fanfare. An acronym which stands for Outstanding, High-flying, Superb Employee, it is a program to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary ADS staff who go beyond their prescribed duties and deliver exceptional achievements.

We acknowledge the importance of transformation and innovation to response to changes, stay relevant and be in a better position when the market normalises. Therefore, ADS Transformation and Innovation Initiatives serve to revolutionise key areas involving workforce, customers and process automation and digitalization.

Examples of the ongoing initiatives are ADS ONE+ATOR, the multiskilling program to cross-train Below-the-Wing (BTW) staff from Ramp, AHU and Baggage Conveyor which aims to maximize workforce efficiency; ADS BTW Apps, an in-house developed apps which consolidates over 60 manual processes; GSE Fleet Management System for a better coordination and utilization of ground support equipment; and lastly the introduction of FOCA CSI in March 2021 to gauge customer satisfaction periodically. There are a lot more initiatives in the pipeline planned to have significant impacts on operations efficiency, revenue and cost optimization.

For the upcoming Malaysia Day celebrations on 16 September 2021, I wish to call upon all MAG community to stand for unity in diversity, in which lies the strength of our nation leading to peace, harmony and prosperity. As Malaysians, it is our responsibility to safeguard the unity and pledge to contribute in any way possible to this beloved country.

With the government’s plan to shift from COVID-19 pandemic to endemic phase by the end of October 2021, and with the opening up of the domestic tourism starting with Langkawi from 16th September 2021, we hope this will be the beginning of our journey to recovery.

We at ADS are always ready for a comeback together with our MAG colleagues, therefore let us usher in eager travellers to Fly Confidently with Malaysia Airlines once again.

Thank you.

Mohd Nadziruddin Mohd Basri

AeroDarat Services (ADS) succeed in the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) Headquarters Accreditation Desktop Renewal held remotely from 30th August until 3rd September 2021. Certified since 2018, ADS will continue to be in the ISAGO registry which lists the other 222 Ground Service Providers (GSPs) around the globe.

This accreditation renewal reaffirms the operation management and oversight system that ADS has in place, complying with the internationally recognized operating standards. Further, this coveted credential in the industry equips ADS as a ground handler with a competitive advantage over its peers and bolsters its portfolio to current and potential customers.

Leading the team was Pn. Shahfinaz Abd Wahid, ADS’s Head of Quality Assurance, Safety & Security, and jointly with other Business Units addressing the audit matters raised by Mr. Seal Muda from Zimbabwe and Mr. Medhat Mohsen Abdou Youssef from Egypt, who were both from KDS Imp’ACT, the appointed ISAGO Agent by IATA. The team also took a moment celebrating 64th Malaysia Independence Day on 31st August and AeroDarat’s 6th Anniversary on the following day with the auditors too!

Congratulations to the team for all the hard works put in before and throughout a week-long audit period. The dedication and commitment indeed bring the best results as ADS recorded one (01) finding and zero (00) observation out of 299 Ground Operations Standard and Recommended Practices (GOSRAPs).

Kudos and bravo ADS Team, you made it!

AeroDarat bid farewell to Mr. Nick Yang, who ended his tenure as Eva Air’s Station Manager at KUL on 27th August 2021. He started his posting here last year when Malaysia was entering into its first phase of movement control order to curb the spread of COVID-19. Many other countries were also under lockdown and closed their borders causing many suspensions of commercial flights.

The situation posed a challenge as we were getting used to the new norms and new requirements were imposed on operations. Nevertheless, the strong team spirit that formed collaborative atmosphere between both parties managed to get past the hurdle as we moved forward.

Mr. Nick Yang expressed his appreciation upon the great supports rendered to him and Eva Air by AeroDarat Team. He acknowledged that those were attainable when both parties worked as a team and focused on the solutions instead of problems.

We wish Mr. Nick Yang all the best in his future undertakings. May our years of association with Eva Air continues to go from strength to strength.     

AeroDarat Services (ADS) successfully organized the second edition of its townhall session for the year on 25th August 2021. Streaming live via Microsoft Teams Live Event, the session was attended by over 600 staff both at KUL and Domestic stations all over Malaysia.

ADS Chief Executive Officer En. Nadziruddin started off the session with the business updates including latest info on COVID-19 situation and the importance to keep adhering to the SOP and getting vaccinated. With the emphasis upon LTBP 2.0, he asserted the important roles set forth for ADS to efficiently support the strategic pillars through ADS Key Initiatives. In delving further into the subject, En. Sudirman, Head of Ramp & Operations Management and Mr. Leong Soong Kong, Chief Financial Officer took the screen later to update the progress on ADS Transformation and ADS Innovation Initiatives respectively.

Also listed in the agenda was the OHSEM Award, that further enlivened the session with the announcement of its first-ever winners. An acronym for Outstanding, High-Flying, Superb Employee Award, it is a newly launched program to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of ADS staff. Congratulations to Ali Supian Daud (Customer Service Officer SBW), Chan Chun Kiant (Customer Service Officer, Pax Services FOCA Handling), Zaqerah Mohd Halimi (Customer Service Officer, Pax Services FOCA Handling) and ADS PEN Team who were named as the winners.

Thanks to the internal production team led by Mohamad Khairi, it was a seamless online session from the beginning until the end. Look forward for the next townhall session for the latest news and updates.

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera.

31st August marks a momentous event in the timeline of Malaysia’s history. It’s that time of the year when we commemorate Malaysia’s independence as a sovereign nation and reflect upon the sacrifices made by the people who fought to secure the freedom. On its 64th anniversary, Malaysia is more than a place we call home, but rather we shoulder a collective responsibility to continue the wisdom and vision of our forefathers in protecting and progressing the country to greater heights.

In this regard, being part of the Malaysia Aviation Group, all of us in AeroDarat form an integral component of nation building. As we serve our guests throughout their journey, we represent our country to the outside world akin to ambassadors, and hence the importance for us to embrace and demonstrate the Malaysian Hospitality values.

Patriotism comes in many forms, and we are privileged that we can contribute to this blessed country through this special way. Come what may, we will thrive as long as we stay united, committed and responsible. In conjunction with this year’s theme of “Malaysia Prihatin”, let us support the fight against the pandemic by adhering to the SOPs, getting ourselves and our loved ones vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, and pray that our beloved Malaysia will continue to prosper for generations to come.

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke 64. I wish everyone a safe and memorable celebration. Merdeka!

Thank you.

Mohd Nadziruddin Mohd Basri  

Feeling stress is a normal reaction to changes or challenges and individuals respond to stress differently from one to another. While acute stress is short-lived and considered as “positive”, it occurs to help us get through the stressful situation in the best possible way. On the other hand, chronic stress can linger for a long period of time and if left unattended, it can be detrimental to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Acknowledging the importance of the subject, ADSx: Beyond Four Walls brought the topic “How Stress is Killing Us” in its third series which was aired on 5th August 2021. Two experts in the field, Dr. Azlina, an Occupational Health Doctor from Twin Tower Medical Centre and Pn. Nurhema, a Certified Counsellor, took the audience on a deep dive into the surrounding issues related to stress starting from its definition, signs and effects of stress, and the many ways on how to prevent and relieve the stress.

For those who are having trouble managing stress and feel overwhelmed, it is advisable to find someone you feel comfortable to talk to or consult your doctor accordingly. Alternatively, you may also call 24-hour Talian Kasih hotline at 15999 for mental health support.

If you miss the session, you may stream it via this link https://bit.ly/3m0HBof

Stay tuned for the updates on upcoming ADSx: Beyond Four Walls series.

The team once again made us proud after being announced as winners of the Best Front Liner Awards 2021 organised by Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB). The announcement was premiered live on 30 June 2021 and in this edition, more than 100 nominations were received for both individual and group categories.

Having already bagged an award in the recent Anugerah WOW, the heart-warming Makcik Nguyen Story once again caught the jury’s attention and beat the rest to become one of the winners in the Group Category.

The story which was also featured in the PULSEdaily on 8th April 2020 reminisced a unique bond between a stranded Vietnamese senior citizen who was unable to head back home due to border closure and the Command Centre Team, who discovered her predicament. For 16 days, Makcik Nguyen was well taken care of before she finally got on board to fly home. This had eventually left a long-lasting impression on both and saying goodbye was rather bittersweet.

Delivering Malaysian Hospitality is the SOP but going beyond is exceptional. Makcik Nguyen was not being treated like any regular customer but rather someone that they loved and cared for, like their own mother. For that, heartiest congratulations to Command Centre Team for the recognition and to Makcik Nguyen, we hope you are staying well and healthy.

For the full announcement, you may watch the clip below!

With how the world is changing, continuous learning and improvement will surely give us an edge to move forward progressively. Realizing this fact, AeroDarat Services launches the “ADSx: Beyond Four Walls”, a sharing session platform that aims to provide the audience with a new environment of learning by listening to life experience, bittersweet stories and essential skills of people around us. With the tagline of “Beyond Four Walls”, ADSx forms an integral part of AeroDarat transformation initiatives that help to nurture a team of progressive, open, knowledgeable, and skillful team.

24th June 2021 marked a milestone in ADSx where the first series entitled “From the Sky Above to the Ground Ops” was successfully broadcasted with almost 200 “live” audience via Microsoft Webinar. The session was also attended by colleagues across MAG.

Two notable speakers, Ms. Radhiyah and Ms. Umi Khaltom took the stage and kept the audience glued to the screen throughout an hour-long session. As former In-Flight Supervisors (IFS), they started off with reminiscing their early journey as cabin crews and how they progressively climbed the ladder to become the IFS before joining AeroDarat, picking up valuable knowledge and experience along the way.

Centred mostly on hospitality and service excellence, there were many key takeaways from the session ranging from the importance of end-to-end execution of quality service, service irregularity and recovery, leadership as well as a touch on personal appearance in representing the image of the organization, of course, a subject that any former IFS could never be part with.    

It was indeed an informative session and the life experience shared was relevant to be applied not only at workplace but in personal life too. It was worth the time spent and the audience already looked forward for the next ADSx session with more interesting topics and speakers.