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In transforming current business processes through digital integration, AeroDarat Services’ cross-functional team comprises of Finance, Hub Control Center/TRC and the respective Operations teams have successfully launched the electronic Aircraft Handling Acknowledgement Note (e-AHAN) application on 15 March 2021.

The project which replaced the manual pen and paper function for AHAN aims to shorten the time taken for billing process from an average of 17 to 26 days down to 10 days only – a staggering 41% to 62% improvement!

How is this even possible? The answer lies on three key drivers introduced by e-AHAN, namely precise recording of services rendered at source, automated service report submission to customers and systematic record keeping for reference. These not only lead to internal process improvement and efficiency but also subsequently enhance customer service by shortening billing process and minimising disputes.

Kickstarted in July 2020, this project comes in four phases. The first rollout is for FOCA customers in which two online briefing sessions were conducted led by Business Development Unit on 8th and 9th March 2021. In the next several phases, this application will be extended to MH flights, MAG subsidiaries and overall ADS services. Congratulations ADS project team for a job well done!

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