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AeroDarat Services successfully organized its first edition of ADSx sharing session

July 6, 2021 News

With how the world is changing, continuous learning and improvement will surely give us an edge to move forward progressively. Realizing this fact, AeroDarat Services launches the “ADSx: Beyond Four Walls”, a sharing session platform that aims to provide the audience with a new environment of learning by listening to life experience, bittersweet stories and essential skills of people around us. With the tagline of “Beyond Four Walls”, ADSx forms an integral part of AeroDarat transformation initiatives that help to nurture a team of progressive, open, knowledgeable, and skillful team.

24th June 2021 marked a milestone in ADSx where the first series entitled “From the Sky Above to the Ground Ops” was successfully broadcasted with almost 200 “live” audience via Microsoft Webinar. The session was also attended by colleagues across MAG.

Two notable speakers, Ms. Radhiyah and Ms. Umi Khaltom took the stage and kept the audience glued to the screen throughout an hour-long session. As former In-Flight Supervisors (IFS), they started off with reminiscing their early journey as cabin crews and how they progressively climbed the ladder to become the IFS before joining AeroDarat, picking up valuable knowledge and experience along the way.

Centred mostly on hospitality and service excellence, there were many key takeaways from the session ranging from the importance of end-to-end execution of quality service, service irregularity and recovery, leadership as well as a touch on personal appearance in representing the image of the organization, of course, a subject that any former IFS could never be part with.    

It was indeed an informative session and the life experience shared was relevant to be applied not only at workplace but in personal life too. It was worth the time spent and the audience already looked forward for the next ADSx session with more interesting topics and speakers.