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Empowering Future Aviation Professionals: A Glimpse into ADS’s Outreach Program

October 3, 2023 0News

As part of its commitment to promoting awareness and creating potential career opportunities in the aviation industry, AeroDarat Services (ADS) successfully organized an outreach program in collaboration with BAKA Aircademy on 9th August 2023, involving 28 of their enthusiastic trainees. The program was led by Puteri Fakhira Ikhsan, LEAP Executive that currently assigned to ADS.

The program’s primary objectives include raising awareness of ADS’s ‘Above the Wing’ and ‘Below the Wing’ services, while also nurturing students’ interest in potential careers within the ground-handling field. Furthermore, this initiative was designed with a broader purpose in mind. It aspired not only to promote ADS’s positive brand image but also to convey ADS’s commitment to being the reliable and preferred ground-handling solution for its stakeholders.

Noor Azlin Lokeman, the Head, Standard & Procedure ADS, expressed her optimism on ADS’s team and their commitment to this initiative.

“Aligned with ADS’s vision to be the ‘Preferred ground handling solution for global airlines,’ this collaborative effort stands as a symbol of encouragement and knowledge. It not only opens doors to a promising aviation future but also underscores ADS’s dedication to driving the industry forward through meaningful interactions.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to Puteri Fakhira Ikhsan, the Project Manager, as well as entire team for their hard work. This initiative marks one of ADS’s proactive steps towards familiarizing aviation academy students with real-world ground-handling services,” she emphasized.

Showcasing ADS’s Expertise

Throughout the program, ADS demonstrated its services and expertise through various engaging activities, such as:

  • KLIA Familiarization Visit: The program encompassed an enlightening tour of KLIA, affording trainees the chance to observe ADS’s ground operations in real-time.
  • Sharing Sessions: A series of insightful sharing sessions were conducted, featuring key topics such as:
    • Introduction to ADS and Ground Operations by Noor Azlin Lokeman (Head, Standard & Procedure) offered an in-depth exploration of the core functions driving ADS’s operational excellence.
    • Ground Operations Hospitality by Hashimah @ Aziah Abdul Rahman (Duty Manager, KUL Passenger Services FOCA Office) rooted into the art of delivering exceptional service within ground handling operations.
    • Interview Tips by Mohamad Khairi Ngadiran (Manager, Project Management Office) armed students with valuable insights to excel in job interviews.
    • Grooming Etiquette by Siti Salina Othman (Senior Trainer, Training & Certification) highlighted the importance of professional appearance.

As she looked ahead, Noor Azlin Lokeman concluded, “Moving forward, we are unwavering in our commitment to nurturing these connections with other esteemed institutions within the aviation circle.”

Prior to this outreach program, ADS actively participated in two of BAKA Aircademy’s insightful Career Talk and Open Day programs. These talks were organized by BAKA Aircademy’s with prospective students and were conducted on 16th July in Kota Damansara and on 30th July in Kuching, Sarawak.

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