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AeroDarat Services Shares Industry Insights at Baka Aircademy’s Career Talk and Open Day Session

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AeroDarat Services (ADS) recently participated in Baka Aircademy’s career talk and open day
session. The event, which was held on 16th July 2023, at SVOFO @ Sky Garden, Sunway Nexis
Kota Damansara, drew the attention of more than 70 parents and potential students of Baka
Aircademy who were keen on pursuing careers in the aviation, tourism, hospitality, and customer
service industries.

During the session, ADS representatives, Suriyati Osman (Duty Manager, KUL Check In Counter
Office) and Hashimah @ Aziah Abd Rahman (Duty Manager, KUL Passenger Services FOCA
Office), shared their industry experience and insights on how ADS operates, as well as the job
opportunities available within the organization. The discussion aimed to provide valuable
information on the significance of ground handling services in the aviation industry.

Both of them shed light on the day-to-day operations of ADS and emphasized the crucial role
played by ground handling personnel in ensuring seamless airport operations. Attendees gained
a comprehensive understanding of the diverse career opportunities available within the industry,
including roles in baggage handling, ramp services, passenger services, and others.

Furthermore, Suriyati and Hashimah shared their personal stories and successes, inspiring the
audience to consider pursuing a career in the aviation sector. They emphasized the importance
of continuous learning, adaptability, and passion for the industry as key factors for personal and
professional growth.

The event provided ADS with a valuable platform to engage with potential talent and raise
awareness about the exciting career prospects available within the company. Through active
participation in such events, ADS demonstrates its commitment to nurturing talent and
contributing to the growth of the aviation and related sectors.

About Baka Aircademy:
Baka Aircademy, established in 2010, offers a specialized Preparatory Certificate Course catering
to individuals seeking careers in industries where effective communication and exceptional
customer care skills are pivotal. This comprehensive program focuses on equipping students with
the necessary skills required in the airline industry, as well as related sectors such as tourism,
hospitality, and customer service.



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